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Clare UllmanJewelry is an expression of the essence of a person’s spirit. It can serve as a reflection of the wearer’s sensibility to color, texture, and design. When used to enhance one’s natural beauty, jewelry can instill a power of the divine within. Jewelry can transform our body into a living work of art and as we adorn our bodies each of us becomes an artist.

As a designer my greatest inspirations come through my travels. From the opulent temples of India and Thailand to the sacred ceremonies of Bali, I have found the Asian cultures to be seeped in an ancient artistry of color and design. Their use of color with gems, pearls, and intricate gold works has been an inspiration in my designs. I am also profoundly influenced by the gems themselves. Being surrounded by immense quantities and varieties of gems I find myself captivated by their vibrations, cut, and earthly qualities.

A great design is a visual experience that captures the heart and mind and lifts you out of the everyday ordinary and into a realm of extraordinary expression. It can be a complex combination of gemstones and metals or something as simplistic as a precious pearl. To me, the design must have a sense of spirit, an energy that moves your psyche in a profound way.

I find great joy in the hunt to find unique pieces for my designs. Searching out goldsmiths in the villages of Bali, finding old pendants from Jaipur, and digging through vast lots of pearls to find the perfect centerpiece are all ingredients to my recipe for a great design.

My work is a blend of beauty and soul, combining the jewels of the earth with the craftwork of ancient cultures. My collections are a creation of one-of-a-kind pieces designed to be worn by contemporary women who take pride in the art of adorning.

Clare Ullman is currently the National Director of Membership of the Women’s Jewelry Association www.womensjewelryassociation.com.

Clare Ullman is a member of:
  • Women’s Jewelry Association
  • American Gem Trade Association
  • Cultured Pearl Association of America
  • Ethical Metalsmiths